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You Can't Handle The Truth.

Are you an honest person? Think long and hard before answering that. It is claimed that honesty is a desirable quality. We want it in others - no one likes a liar. And we also strive to be honest ourselves - or so we claim. But truth be told, society would unravel if people were truly honest. We really don't like honesty, and we can't handle the truth.

Let's start by getting something straight: there is no truly honest person. Everyone lies - ask Dr. House. Maybe we were late to meet someone, and when they ask where we are, we rush out the door and reply "on my way". Or perhaps we are in a particularly sour mood, and someone asks "are you ok"? We say yes, we are fine, when in fact what we were really thinking is: "no, I'm not ok, but you're the last person I want to tell about it".

Some of us just lie less blatantly than others. We can paint them as white lies, or we can call it bending the truth. Call it what you may, they are still perversions of the truth, and truth is absolute. We may not think we are lying, we may not want to lie, but we all do at some point. So let's stop lying to ourselves about being honest.

Now don't worry, if you were honest, life would be more difficult. Can you imagine what life would be like, if you were honest every time your girlfriend asked if she was getting fat? You'd definitely be spending more time in the couch. And even the most confident woman doesn't want to truly know, that she has competition for your eyes, your thoughts, your time, or worse your body.

Another cliché speaks about the man who wears his emotions on his sleeves. If you ask me, anyone who does that is an honest person - emotionally honest. Yet we despise such a man. This is the nature of society - it upholds ideals that no one really wants to become reality. And that's the truth.

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