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You Addict You!.

Why do people like to bandy around the term 'addiction', attaching it to anything that achieves popularity and mass appeal? There was computer addiction, then Internet addiction, then Facebook addiction, BBM addition...well maybe that last one is real.

The word addiction has a negative connotation, and expresses disapproval more than anything else. When people see a behavior that they somehow disapprove of, they label it an addiction and the media takes it and runs with it. I can just picture some psychologist who is annoyed that their child is spending too much time on Facebook, writing the first article on this new 'addiction'.

Now if this child were busy reading books, psychologists wouldn't label them as a book addict would they? Nope, instead it's their peers who would label them a book worm, with the same negative connotation. There is something to be learned here.

The label isn't about the activity, it's about acceptance. Your fellow Facebook users aren't going to call you an addict, because its an acceptable behaviour within your group. Your parents aren't going to dissuade you from reading because that's an acceptable behaviour for their generation.

The problem here is the gap between those who accept new ways of doing things, and those who don't.  Someone who is 'addicted to the Internet' may really be craving knowledge; they may be no different from someone who loves reading.  Someone who is 'addicted to social media' may just love connecting with people - virtually or in real life.  And BBM addicts just love conversation, and probably used to get run out of class for talking too much.

What some fail to realize is that as the world moves forward, there are new ways to do old things. Reading books was about learning, keeping current, building the mind, and even entertainment and adventure. As new means of accomplishing all of this were developed and became popular, some dinosaurs couldn't adapt. They disdain what is new, often because they don't understand it, and sometimes because they don't care to.

I wonder if any of his contemporaries called Gutenberg a book addict?
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