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Watch, Admire, Grow.

It is a truly gratifying experience to watch someone who is great at what they do. Humans have an innate ability, to derive pleasure from seeing others perform.  We enjoy seeing a dancer move her body with fluid, effortless precision; we are enchanted by the melodious tones of a talented vocalist; we are moved by the actor who can pull at our hearts, and coax tears from the most stolid among us; we are thrilled by the inhuman abilities of top athletes.  And we rightfully shower such individuals with accolades.

While what we admire varies based on culture, background, tastes, and interests, the ability to appreciate art in one form or another is universal.  It's not necessary for survival, nor is it functional, but it is satisfying.  And it is also pure, for we may deeply desire to be as good as those we admire, but never do we wish to take from them their talent.  Even the most competitive individuals, across performing arts and sports, respect their peers and even admire opponents.

Taking the time to watch, even study those who excel in their respective fields, can inspire us as much as it delights our hearts.  If we have the rare opportunity to observe these amazing individuals practice, train, and hone their skills, we should learn from their single-mindedness and self-discipline.  For inborn abilities may give them an edge, but only those who dedicate themselves to honing their natural aptitude truly amaze us.

The capacity for greatness is within the human blueprint which all of us share.  Self exploration, discovery, and amelioration will unearth the hidden gifts in each of us, as long as we always pursue personal development.
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