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Two Minute Blog Post.

Sometime ago I purchased "Getting Things Done" by David Allen as an audiobook from Audible.  I started reading it but got lost along the way - somewhere between my commute to work being too short to listen to it, forgetting to listen to it at all, and not being able to follow since I prefer to read books than listen to them.  In fact, this was my first audio book purchase.  

Eventually I bought the Kindle book, but still couldn't seem to finish reading it, as it was simply added to a not so small collection of books I walk around with.  Finally, I decided to just listen to it in chunks whenever I could and I am happy to say that I completed it yesterday.

At some point I also came across a blog post about implementing the Getting Things Done (GTD) method using Evernote.  And thanks to a former colleague and fellow technology enthusiast (you know who you are), I am an avid user of Evernote. I started trying to implement GTD using Evernote.  Again, I got lost along the way.  I realized that I needed to read and understand the methodology before trying the Evernote solution.  I started listening to the chapters on processing and organizing again, and as I listened, I thought about how to implement the recommendations in Evernote.  I was making progress!

In fact, this article is evidence of my progress in implementing GTD.  In the GTD system, you start by collecting all the things you need to do, then you process them. One of the steps in processing is deciding the next action required to complete a task. If the next action will take less than two minutes, then you are supposed to do it then an there.  

You don't have to take a gander at my list to guess which task this post is supposed to get done!

Snap of my GTD Inbox
Sadly, I am too verbose an individual to write an article in two minutes.  Or maybe I just need to learn to type faster!  But guess what, I got my second blog article written and published in quick order.  Now if only I could finish the other two I have sitting in draft.
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