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The Easy Button.

There is value in making something simple. And where there is value, there is the potential to make money. Therefore, simplifying a process is an excellent start for a business idea. Airplanes simplified travel. Coffee makers simplified getting a caffeine fix. Google simplified finding things, in the catacombs that is the Internet.

Like Google, Facebook has also made a name for themselves online. What have they simplified? They simplified finding and connecting with people online. While their stocks have been taking a beating, they remain popular amount the social networking crowd, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Twitter simplified sharing things online. They make it easy to tell the world what you had for breakfast, to give others an opportunity to read that interesting article that inspired you, to get traction on your newest blog post, and even to share the latest fake celebrity death.

I don't know any celebrities, but I regularly write on my blog (which you should read sometime). And I recently found a new use for Twitter. I linked my Twitter account to my Facebook page, my LinkedIn account, my Blackberry Messenger profile, and my blog. Now, if I want to share something, such as a new blog post or an article I read, all I do is compose a tweet using the Twitter client on my Blackberry. The link is automatically shortened, my BBM status is updated, my Twitter feed is fed, my Facebook timeline gets a timely new post, LinkedIn gets the link, and my blog is logged.

I never used Twitter much before now. But this integration simplifies my desire to share things with my readers. Twitter's business model is built on simplifying sharing with the masses.
If you're interested in starting your own business, look for opportunities to simplify something. It gives a new meaning to easy money.
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