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Surviving The Heat

Surviving The Heat.

“Hard ears pickeney dead ah sun hot”. So goes a Jamaican idiom, whose purpose is to caution children to listen and pay heed to warnings. Some people never heard this saying quite enough as a child, or perhaps their ears were at fault, resulting in their entering adulthood never learning to listen. Place enough of these hard of hearing individuals into your business, and you’ll soon be outing the flames.

“Hard ears pickeney dead ah sun hot”.

However, on rare occasions you find people who will listen, and people who imbue this into their business culture. Jamaica National Building Society was listening and heard the complaints in my last blog post; they rang loud and clear. In response, they did three things:

  1. Corrected the issue,
  2. Apologised, and
  3. Asked what they could do better.

Many companies do 1. and 2. if you shout loudly enough. JN went further, with a senior manager taking time to ask how the company could have done better. With an approach like this, things are looking up for this new bank on the block. They may yet survive the heat of competition in the fierce market that is the financial industry.

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