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So What If They're Having A Baby?.

Three hundred and seventy one thousand, one hundred and twenty four babies are born each day.  For those babies to be born, lots of women had to get pregnant.  How many of those make headlines?  Not many, because you know what, we don't care about the vast majority.  We only care when it's us, someone close to us, or a celebrity.

Here is another statistic for you: the percentage of births to unmarried mothers has been increasing worldwide, and is nearing as much as 50% in some countries.  Religious and social mores aside, the fact is that this is a growing trend, but you don't hear a big hullabaloo until it's someone famous.

With the foregoing in mind, I'd just like to say this : so what if Jennifer and Mike are having a baby?  It's none of your business!  Jennifer and who?  Exactly!  There has got to be a Jennifer and a Mark having a baby somewhere, but you don't care.  So why should you care about anyone else, who you don't personally know, that's having a baby?
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