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Simple vs. Easy.

There is a difference between something being simple, and something being easy. That was a very simple statement, but it may not be easily explained. Perhaps it's best explained by examples, like my previous sentence. See how all of those flowed? Simple.

It's simple to meet people, but it may not be easy. Perhaps you are introverted, and it takes considerable effort and loads of energy to talk with others. It may even be hard for you to be in social settings where this is possible. It may just not be your natural milieu; it's kinda hard to breathe being a fish out of water.

Starting a relationship is easy, but relationships aren't simple. Humans are too complex, and our complexity grows exponentially when we add more people - couples, families, communities, countries; that might as well have been the fibonacci series.

Follow your gut. Simple idea, easier said than done. We sometimes rush headlong into things we know will end badly.

The less we confuse the simplicity of an idea, with the effort required to execute it, the more understanding we become - of ourselves, and of others.
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