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Seeing The Small Picture.

One of the reasons that we fear entrepreneurship is that we fail to see where our pay comes from. In the big scheme of things, working for a large company, we are pretty sure of a paycheque at the end of the week, fortnight or month. We leave finding the money up to someone else.

When we think about working for ourselves as a freelancer or perhaps starting a small business, we know that our paycheque ultimately comes from our work. We see a direct connection between what we do, and the money in our hand. It scares us to think about what happens if we aren’t good enough, if we can’t sell enough, if we can’t do the job well enough.

While there are risks associated with being an entrepreneur, there are risks all around us. Working for a company merely puts those risks out of our minds, and diffuses the worry among a group of people - managers, boards of directors, C level executives, and whoever else is perceived to be in charge.

Ultimately what cripples some would be entrepreneurs is the failure to see the small picture. For them to get that paycheque at the end of the month, some good or service exchanged hands, and the company collected money. If you can do that, and do that well, then you can be an entrepreneur.

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