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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

"Step up to Digicel 4G". "Value Every Megabyte".

We can't get through the day without being bombarded by either of our telecoms providers, touting how extraordinary or valuable their respective networks are. Except they are not. A day doesn't go by where I don't have a WhatsApp message delayed, or can't fetch my email because my phone doesn't have an Internet connection.

Now I can't decide which is more annoying: LIME who constantly drops to EDGE on my Nexus 5, for no apparent reason, or Digicel who always displays 3G on my iPhone, but won't push any of my bytes through. Out of frustration, and with the goal of eliminating any device related network bias, I switched SIMs.

Since LIME has been anointed by Apple, being the official carrier in Jamaica, I decided to put my LIME SIM in my iPhone and hope it would behave better. The settings were received from LIME and the phone happily connected to the 3G network…then promptly dropped to EDGE. I'll leave my phone sitting on the desk and it will switch between 3G and EDGE at random moments, without the device moving an inch. The only value in those moments is entertainment, but I'm not amused.

Meanwhile, over on the Digicel network, I figured they may prefer an Android device since they have their own branded Android smartphone. However, the performance is no better. I've got a solid signal and an H (for HSDPA), but I might as well be on EDGE, because pages load like molasses, Twitter takes forever to refresh, and even the Digicel Jamaica webpage takes forever to load. How is that for Extraordinary?

If these carriers would spend some of their marketing budget on improving their mobile networks, then maybe they would be more reliable. Instead, they spend their money telling us how great their broken networks are.

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