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Pothole Mystery.

Has anyone else noticed that potholes around the city of Kingston are being mysteriously patched? Something is amiss! It's certainly not the government doing this, as it's nowhere near election time. And the government never uses tax payers dollars to do anything but palliate the crowds before election, and line their own pockets. So who is perpetrating this dastardly deed?

While many of us have noticed these roads being repaired, how many of us have actually seen repair crews? This is certainly not taking place during the day, as there is neither traffic congestion nor detour signs. This is yet another sign that the government isn't doing this, for they only do things that inconvenience motorists and other road users. These actions are definitely being perpetrated by a covert organization, under the cover of darkness!

This begs the question, what are their motives? Perhaps they are seeking to rob the government of their one election tool, besides the empty promises. If this clandestine group patches the roads now, the government will have to use something else to bribe the country when it's time to vote. Maybe the political parties will start giving out free patties at election time. Afterall, the patty tax has made that once cheap food an expensive delicacy. 

Another possibility is that the roads are being patched by criminal gangs, who are tired of damaging their getaway cars, by dropping into potholes at high speeds. Given that the police are getting better at giving chase, this last supposition is highly likely.

Jamaica, be on the lookout! These pothole bandits are armed with asphalt, and are extremely dangerous. They are out to destabilize the status quo, and may be filling a pothole near you.
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