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Poisoned Apple.

Apple tried to kill me. No, seriously they did. If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, look out! Apple may try to kill you too. Before I tell you how, allow me to provide some background.

On September 12, Apple announced the iPhone 5 and showed it off to the world. At this event, they also demoed a spanking new app called Apple Maps. Apple Maps was great to look at, and received many accolades from journalists who tried it out at the iPhone 5 launch event. Plus, Apple was arguably justified to create their own mapping app, since the iOS version of the Google App was missing key features such as turn by turn navigation. Said features being available on Google's own Android OS.

With the release of iOS 6 on September 19, Apple replaced Google Maps with this home grown app, fresh off the orchard. But this app quickly spoiled and turned sour as users began to find gaping holes in the apps accuracy. Some users in the UK can't get home, because their entire town is missing from Apple Maps. Our poor friends in the US have had their Lady Liberty kidnapped. Meanwhile out in the East, Apple has single handedly solved the Senkaku Island debacle by duplicating it. These are but a few of the many bugs in this new app.

Like many users who upgraded to iOS on their iDevices, I am disappointed with the new Apple Maps application. But my disappointment is made more personal by the attempt at my life mentioned earlier. After downloading the new iOS upgrade, and launching the spiffy new maps app, I decided to ask it for directions from home to work. Lo and behold, the app gave me directions which would have sent me the wrong way up a one way street!

At first I dismissed this as a glitch, thinking that Jamaica wasn't big enough for cartographers to pay much attention to. But after reading of what has been dubbed the 'mapocalypse', I decided to try the same directions on Google Maps. And guess what! Google gave me safe, correct directions to work. Good job Google! And to Apple I say, 'Don't Be Evil'.

Apple's move to completely do away with Google Maps may have been premature. Let's hope it doesn't take them as long to fix this issue, as it did for them to implement copy and paste on the iPhone.
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