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On Sympathy.

"It's not such a big deal". "You're over reacting". "You're making excuses". "You shouldn't feel that way".

When an individual is criticised for showing emotion, being irritated or otherwise upset by something which affects them, it will prompt one of two reactions. The first is anger; anger at the unsympathetic individual, at society at large, or even at themselves. The second possible reaction is retreat; faced with unsympathetic peers they simply withdraw into themselves. This may produce someone who is emotionally detached, apparently cold and unfeeling.

Sadly, what many people do not realise is that those who appear detached are often the ones with the most turmoil inside. The sun seems like a solid round mass, but when you look inside what you will find is myriads of explosions all being contained by the sheer will of its gravitational force.

We all go through periods in our life when the very core of our self and belief systems are challenged. We face health problems, family turmoil, tests of our religious faiths or even our faith in humanity. No two persons are ever affected by the same challenge in the same way, because no two persons are the same. Yet many of us are very quick to judge others whom we perceive as handling a situation poorly. We criticise instead of empathise.

Worse yet, we often dismiss situations as irrelevant and chastise others for making a big deal out of nothing. While some people have a habit of overreacting, if something is emotionally challenging for someone it should never be dismissed. Furthermore, each individual brings a unique background to play in any circumstance in which they find themselves. What may be inconsequential to us, may be a very big deal for them.

"It is a big deal for me". "It really hurts". "I wish I really knew how to do this". "I can't help but feel that way right now".

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