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Occupational Hazard.

Some people have jobs which are inherently dangerous, and they adapt to this danger, and learn to protect themselves.  Police officers are practically walking bulls eyes - at least that's how I feel when I'm around them.  I just imagine someone taking a shot at them, and hitting me instead.  But I digress.  Their jobs are dangerous, so they learn to be alert and to wear bullet proof vests.  They adapt and exercise caution. 

Then there are some people whose jobs are not necessarily dangerous, but involve the possibility of accidents.  And no, I don't mean taxi drivers.  They generally cause accidents, but often escape scotch free!  I'm thinking about the people who sell their wares in traffic - be it the fruit in season, the ubiquitous bananas, today's newspaper, or various fandangles for your car. Not to mention the windshield extortionists.  They spend their day prancing about in traffic, dancing between cars, timing stoplights, and dodging taxi drivers.  And most of them are pretty good with their rush hour acrobatics.

But occasionally there are some who are a hazard to themselves.  Case in point: while turning on a filter light yesterday, I had to break hard to avoid hitting a woman who decided to dart across the road with her bags of apples, at the same moment the light turned green.  It was bad enough that she was hidden behind a vehicle waiting at the lights.  But to make matters worse, she was the pedestrian from hell.  First she walks out into the road, hesitates and backpedals when she sees my car, then changes her mind and runs out into the middle of the road where she froze - like a deer caught in headlights. My antilock brakes screamed as they laboured to stop my car from making her into street pizza.  Had anyone been driving behind me, I would most likely have been rear ended.

Most pedestrians don't know how to, or don't care to use traffic lights.  Instead, they expect drivers to know how to use their brakes.  But you'd think that someone who spends their day in traffic would learn a thing or two about self preservation!
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