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More Than You Bargained For.

Life is full of disappointments. Part of being a well adjusted adult is recognising, and accepting that things won't always go the way you want them to. Some people call it pessimism, and encourage you to be positive. However, let's face it, all the positive thinking in the world won't make it a perfect place. Even the paradigms of optimism must accept this fact - you can't will the universe to operate how you want it to. It's a lot bigger than our small minds.

Then it get's worse. When you live your life with the knowledge that things will go wrong, sometimes you make mental bargains. You choose a course of action, knowing full well that it will have negative consequences. You prepare yourself for these outcomes, and take the hits that land your way. Then you get a sucker-punch that sends you sprawling on your back, gasping for air, and wondering why it's suddenly dark with a sky full of stars. 

As you fight for each lung-full of air, you can't help but think that that was more than you bargained for. And therein lies your mistake. Life doesn't do bargains. In fact, life has a compulsion to let you know that not only won't things always go your way, they also won't go the way you expect.

Perhaps that's why we like movies with happy endings, or with endings that leave us happy. Fiction allows us to the opportunity to weave a tale that we control. For in real life, we are never in control of all outcomes. 

Sorry, no happy endings here either.

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