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Kind To A Fault.

We live in a world where kindness is on the endangered species list. It is in fact so rare that it is often not recognised when seen in the wild. The factors contributing to it's death are two fold: the first factor is selfishness, the second is cynicism.

Most people today live to get everything they can out of life, and rarely think about how they can unselfishly help others. They are like hospitality workers - they will be nice if a tip is coming their way.

Some men will appear as a knight in shining armour, ready to help a damsel in distress find a job, or help out with a tough situation. However, too often these knights are in fact mercenaries seeking sexual rewards. It is no wonder many women react suspiciously to random acts of kindness - someone paying them a genuine compliment, or offering to carry a load for them.

Sadly these pseudo-kind mercenaries create suspicions and justify cynical views about kindness. This is the second part of the burgeoning problem. No one believes that genuine kindness exists anymore. In the mind of the general population, kindness has become no more than a puppet - there are always strings attached. And anyone who claims otherwise must be lying - either to the world or to themselves.

Given the duality of distrust directed toward those who exercise true kindness, it takes concerted effort to continue to believe in and practice principled kindness. Even after the recipient of your kindness recognises it as genuine, to the rest of the world they have only joined you in the lie.

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