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Killer Pedestrians.

Self-centredness does not only affect relationships between people. It also translates into real world problems, with very real consequences.

The pedestrian who believes that drivers should have their interests to the forefront at all times, will miss the danger of crossing near a corner. Forcing a driver to stop because it's more convenient for them to cross the road where they feel like, instead of walking further down the road endangers the safety of the driver, the driver behind him who is going to ram him in his rear, their passengers, and the idiot pedestrian themselves.

Sometimes a driver has to avoid stopping, forcing the pedestrian to halt in the middle of their crossing. Of course the hapless pedestrian and their fellows will invariable curse the driver for being selfish, not realising that the vehicle behind her would have smashed into her rear, propelling her into the self absorbed pedestrian.

Then there are the pedestrians who insist on crossing while the stoplight is showing green. These are worse than the ones who cross on the corners, because at an intersection the traffic is moving full speed ahead. As a driver, you end up trying to play 'dodge pedestrian' and bumper cars at the same time.

Sadly, some of these pedestrians are drivers themselves. Removed from the driver's seat, they lose all perspective and succumb to the pedestrian malady. Makes you want to clip them with your mirror to snap them out of their little bubble, but they would probably die of panic.

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