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Interpersonal Ozone.

The core of the sun burns at a tremendous temperature of fifteen million degrees celsius. That is roughly the equivalent of one hundred million nuclear bombs exploding every second. Its surface temperature is five thousand five hundred degrees celsius - a temperature achievable briefly by a nuclear bomb, but sustained by the behemoth star at the centre of our galaxy.

The earth hides a distant ninety three million miles away from this nuclear powerhouse. Though separated by immense dark space, we feel it's wrath daily. Were it not for the protective layer of ozone enveloping our planet, we would be burned out of existence by solar radiation.
At our most passionate, human beings are capable of radiating emotions rivaling our sun. We glow with affection for our loved ones. We spew vehemence when spurned. We expect the world of our children. We erupt in anger when we feel cheated. We shower a love interest with feelings that radiate from our core.
Sometimes our radiance is too much for another to endure. Our expectations seem too bright, or perhaps are expressed prematurely. Well intentioned actions are delivered with more intensity than the recipient is prepared to handle. There is no ozone between us and them. They will either suffer from emotional sunburn, or retreat to a safe distance in the cool darkness.
Unchecked emotions can be explosive, even the good ones. In the absence of an interpersonal ozone layer, we must learn to temper our emotions, so as not to overwhelm our recipient.
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