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Young people often comment on the old fashioned nature of older folks. But truth be told everyone is old fashioned in our own respect. Grandma may not have the lastest fashion, but what she's wearing now was the signet of style at one point. And chances are, what you're wearing now isn't what your younger sister or your son is wearing (and for this your children and siblings are thankful). The older you get, the more you realize that keeping up with the latest trend isn't what life is about.
And if we flip the coin, we end up with another issue. If a middle aged mother ever donned the same outfit that her teenage daughter is sporting, you'd be the first to think how inappropriate that looked for a woman her age. And you wouldn't be the last with such criticism either. There is something to be said for time and place, and in this case the time is measured in decades, and place is your point in life. Both come with expectations.
We all should be comfortable in our skin. And just as a twenty something isn't going to be comfortable in clothes from the 70s, a seventy something isn't going to be comfortable in most contemporary clothes. And they'd both look out of time anyway.
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