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I'm Moving My Stomach To Portland.

I went to Portland on a crazy spur of the moment road trip, with a friend of mine on Sunday.  Just started driving and did St. Thomas, Portland, St. Mary, St. Andrew and back to Kingston - a 10 hour road trip.  The highlight of the trip was definitely Portland, where my friend grew up.  It was a great trip, and I learned something which may have been obvious to others, but that took me by surprise: the price of food in Kingston is grossly inflated!

While in Portland we stopped by what appeared to be a popular spot - both with locals and tourists.  It was a restaurant, bar, and lounge and they had karaoke going.  We decided to have some food before hitting the road again, so we requested a menu.  At first glance I thought to myself, oh great, they gave us the appetizer menu!  Looking at the crowd gathered to drink and fool themselves that they could sing, and realizing it was after 10PM, I decided that they probably didn't have proper food.  I resigned myself to a snack and started to peruse the menu.

That's when I did a double take, for I was in fact looking at their regular menu.  Now why, you may ask, did I think that it was an appetizer menu?  Well the first thing I did was look at the prices, all of which were under JA$1000.  In fact, the most expensive item on the menu was JA$850 - fettuccine alfredo with shrimp.  With shrimp!  Have you any idea how much that would cost in Kingston?  My friend and I ordered meals (I had wings, and they were excellent), and we both had drinks (hers was alcoholic). The bill came to $1550 after taxes and the service fee!  Unbelievable!

Unless Portland has a secret source of low cost food, I'd say restaurants in Kingston are robbing their clientele blind!  So if you love your belly, move to Portland!
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