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Horoscopes Are Rubbish!.

There are few questions more annoying to me than "what month were you born?". I find it frustrating because this widely held belief system is prejudicial. People immediately form opinions about themselves and others based on one little fact - the date some doctor or midwife slapped you on your rump to make you cry. I don't know about you, but I want to start with a clean slate! Don't let some system decide for you who I am. Get to know me, find out for yourself. This is no different than judging me based on my skin colour, nationality, or gender.

If the proclivity to promote bias was their only shortcoming, then I might only be mildly annoyed by zodiac signs. But the zodiac and horoscopes thoroughly peeve me because they are fundamentally flawed. Yes, that's right, they are just plain wrong.

Now before you label me as a skeptical Sagittarian, let's talk about the basis of the zodiac. Without getting into details, the premise behind the signs of the zodiac is that the sun, earth and stars have specific relative alignments at different points throughout the year. So one's date of birth places you under a sign, and this sign determines (or reveals if you prefer) your personality type.

Now here is where this house of cards starts to tumble. What most people don't realize is that the relative positions of these stellar bodies change over time. The sun, earth, and other heavenly objects that form the basis of the zodiac are not in the same relative positions as they were thousands of years ago when the zodiac was invented! So someone who was born this year as an Aquarian, would not have fallen under this sign when the zodiac was first defined.

Put another way, let's say you grew up thinking that you were a Libra, then you discovered that they made a mistake on your birth certificate. So now you're really a Gemini. All you have ever known about yourself has been shattered! Poor you, a lost, internally conflicted, disillusioned soul. Well, that is kinda what's up with the Zodiac: none of the signs match up anymore.

The die hard faithful are probably screaming at their computer screens, or tossing their phones in protest. "But I know my sign is right, it's so me", they sob to themselves quite uncontrollably. Now this post is a diatribe, not a treatise, but I will offer a few simple explanations for why they seem to apply.

No one has a static, flat personality. We all have a number of traits which may come out at different times, and in different circumstances. You'll see anything if you look hard enough; you'll see what you want to see.

Then there are the self fulfilling prophecies - you fail because you think you're a failure; you cheated on your man because you think you're a fiery Leo, and that's how Leos roll. You're really not a bad person, the universe made you do it.

You may not like those explanations, but such is life. Other explanations abound, and anything you come up with will certainly make more sense than the horoscopes! So go, be free of your mental chains. Oh, and Santa Clause isn't real either.
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