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Hey, That's MY Number!.

This post will be short, like my temper when it comes to Digicel. Big Red has acquired Claro. The white flag has been raised, and Claro's denizens must evacuate. I cannot keep my current phone, I have to get a new one. This is annoying, and stay tuned it gets worse.

Claro customers who switch their service to Big Red will be issued new SIM cards, with the same phone number. Great if you decide to submit to the Digicel hegemony. But if you decide to enlist with LIME, you don't get to take your number with you. That's right, they are holding our phone numbers hostage! It's bad enough that I have to get a new phone, but they are rubbing salt in my wound by telling me that if I don't do business with Digicel, I must forfeit my phone number!

Now this is obviously not a technical challenge, for in either case you are migrating a number between networks. I want to be allowed to migrate my number to the network of my choice.

I will not be draughted by Digicel. Resistance is everything!
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