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Healthcare Professionals?.

A professional cares about their work, goes above and beyond, and get's the job done. But how do you define professional work, when your job involves more than completing a task? When more than just checking a box is required, being a true professional takes effort.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than in health care. Doctors, nurses, and other health care workers have a difficult job, that requires consistent accuracy, attention to details, a hatred of sleep, and is unrelentingly stressful. Oh and there is the little fact, that on a daily basis, they make life and death decisions.

In addition to getting it right in this high stakes game, they also have to make people feel good. Patients need to feel cared for, and family members want to know that their loved ones are in good hands. Sadly, not everyone is good with people. While they may not be obnoxious to House-like proportions, some leave you wondering why on earth they chose health care as a profession. Didn't they realize that they would have to be nice to people, and not just on their good days?

When hiring, many organizations screen people for skills considered essential, for carrying out their jobs? Should healthcare workers be screened for attributes such as empathy, self-sacrifice, and bedside manners? Or is it enough that they keep people alive?
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