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Growing Pains.

When you are a small, new company you have to do things differently to carve out your place in the market. You have to be faster, customer centric, better. You move quickly, adapt readily, you're nimble and innovative.

With success comes baggage. As you grow, so do your expenses, and you become more concerned about making the money you need to continue to exist. It begins to seem as if your existence isn't as much dependent on innovation, as it is on cash flow.

Cash flow is important. But when it all starts to go south is when the business begins to compromise on the things that made it successful, in exchange for a quick dollar. And when they start to focus on the minutia of business, and lose sight of what made them different, the battle is lost. No need to be as customer centric, because losing one customer of 1000 isn't as devastating as losing one of 10.

In order to keep their edge as their business grows, entrepreneurs should always be mindful of what made them succeed. And instead of cutting off old roots, they should keep them firmly planted as they also add new ones.
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