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From Innovative to Incompetent.

The Blackberry saga continues to worsen. First came the buggy products, then the decline in market share, then failed products (anyone remember the Playbook), and of course the losses. All of this inevitably resulted in layoffs and restructuring. In all of this, the promise of a better Blackberry was held high. They would reclaim marketshare and former glory with BBX, which they failed, perhaps ominously, to secure the name of. So they called it BB10, and it failed. They reclaimed no marketshare, they didn’t even retain their existing customers.

Then they promised BBM to the world. Perhaps in an attempt to reclaim mindshare, and secure a foothold on other platforms for their enterprise business. This foray into other platforms had the potential to secure, if not marketshare then at least mindshare. And then they screwed it up. Someone purportedly leaked an unreleased version of BBM for Android and, according to Blackberry, the unprecedented demand caused unstated issues which they stopped the rollout to fix. Bollocks!

Lets say that the version released was in fact not to be released, how did it get there in the first place? Someone at Blackberry had to have messed up. And what are these issues? While it’s possible that the version released is buggy, it’s also likely that their servers were simply overwhelmed by unexpected demand. This wouldn’t be the first time Blackberry infrastructure failed. We all remember the Blackberry outage. Wait, that should be plural.

Despite Blackberry’s recent struggles, no one wants to see the company die. It’s one thing to lose to more innovative companies. But when you start scoring own goals, even your biggest fans will walk away disappointed. Get it together Blackberry.

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