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Get In Line!.

What is it with Jamaicans and lines? We are completely averse to the concept of forming a line. And when we are forced to make one, we resist being in it with every fibre of our...um, feet.

Walk into a wholesale or a shop, and everyone crowds around the counter, jockeying for attention. The attendants learn to ignore the cacophony of orders and requests, and can ultimately serve only one person at a time. So why not just form a darn line people!

In some places, like at cashiers, ATMs or government offices, one has no choice but to form a line. But we still rebel, as if fighting the concept through poor execution. Some people lurk in the general area of the queue, resulting in a formless crowd, each person mentally keeping track of the person 'in front' of them. Of course I use the term 'in front' loosely, as no one stands in relative order. The guy at the back of the line chatting up the pretty girl is likely to be next.  And the woman tapping impatiently at the front of the line may in fact be willing the line to move faster, so that she will eventually be next.

Then there are the line dynamics.  With each movement, everyone eyes the next person, making sure that they aren't trying to disrupt the perceived order. And if you need to join the line, you have to inquire as to the location of the 'back' of the line, then stand defensively so that someone who joins the 'line' after will recognize your position.

What gives people?  Is this some latent hatred for the order imposed on us in school? Or did we never grow up? As children we were naturally impatient, and sought any opportunity to 'bore' the line. But surely as adults we should by now recognize that things work better where there is order. So people, can we just form a line. Please?
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