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In a time when most blockbusters focus on action, adventure, and special effects, Flight bravely took off from the pack and charted a different course. This movie expertly explored an issue that is very difficult to deal with for persons in the situation, and even harder for people who've never had an addiction to begin to understand. It told a very compelling story, and showed how addictions can destroy a person's personal and professional lives, and continue to do so unless faced squarely.

In defending his drinking problem the main character, consistently argued that he flew an aircraft that fell apart. He saved the lives of so many people by doing something while drunk and high, that no one else could do even while sober. The investigation fully supported his argument. Alas, it wasn't his abilities that were on trial. Truth is, he would likely have performed in the same manner if he hadn't been drinking. More importantly, it is unlikely that he could have orchestrated a better outcome had he been sober.

The story clearly showed that addictions are a problem regardless of what you've accomplished. He may have saved dozens of lives in an impossible situation, but he was still a wreck who destroyed his family and drove away everyone that cared for him. By juxtaposing this genius pilot with an uncontrolled drunk, the writers made his heroism and skill irrelevant and deftly placed the focus squarely on the real issue: alcoholism.

The conclusion was equally compelling. Unlike most flicks, it didn't tie up everything neatly and allow the character to get off scot free. Instead, it showed that there are always consequences. It drove home the point that change does not come without facing the problem, accepting it, taking responsibility and learning to live with the consequences of addiction.
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