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Fix Orange Street!.

Im a so annoyed!  And the more time passes, the more my annoyance simmers. Maybe I'm frustrated with myself, but I'm gonna blame the idiots who build the roads in this country.  Who the heck puts a median in the middle of the road you're supposed to be driving on?!  Worse yet, who forgets to put markers, maybe a sign saying sharp left?!  Slipe Road/Orange Street is dangerous!

I wonder how many motorists have had accidents because of that poorly marked, ill-designed road.  And the annoying part of it is that you know it's there.  In fact, I drove there earlier in the day without mishap.  Drove back again in the night, and it's like the stupid turn appeared out of no flipping where!  Fortunately the road was empty, could have been more serious had there been other vehicular traffic.

So now I have one shaken up but safe passenger (glad you're ok), a cracked oil pan, missing hub cap (wasn't about to stop there to assess the damage), dented rims, and who knows what else.  Poor Alex (my car) shut off at the top of my road, and wouldn't start.  Had to coast her home and push her into a parking spot.  At least she made it home.

I hope writing truly is cathartic.  I'm dreading the visit to the mechanic.  So much for zeroing the credit card for the New Year.
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