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Experience Teaches....

Experience teaches some people nothing. A person can go from one relationship to another, and never figure out that the reason those relationships fail, is because they always make the same mistakes.

An employee may be involved in many successful or even failed projects, but never come out knowing much that can be applied to other projects. At least children learn not to touch the hot stove again.

Matters get worse when companies assume that someone who has worked on a project, has the experience to do something similar again. Sometimes time reveals otherwise. Often other people pick up the slack, and very few people know the truth.

Women who prefer older men because age supposedly teaches wisdom, may be sadly disappointed when they realise that another person's life experiences do not teach how to love a unique individual. A list of past relationships do not fit in like a list of past jobs on a résumé. Like past jobs may only prove that the individual can hold down a job, past relationships only show that a person is capable of being in a relationship. That's not a lot to go on.

Instead of judging an individual based on their past, evaluate them based on the present.

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