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Embracing Diversity

Embracing Diversity.

One trait that is so common to humans is our disdain of thoughts, actions, and ideas that run counter to our beliefs, and what we view as worthwhile. Some of us are obsessed with telling others that how they live their life is wrong. We even have people who say that we should dispense with frivolities such as entertainment, luxury, and gossip. But why even waste your breath criticising another person’s choices?

We are all too diverse to have one focus. It is also undesirable for the entire human race to travel one path. If we focus on what we think is important, we will miss things. Look at how many inventions came out of our pursuit of entertainment. We wouldn't have some medical 3D modelling tools if someone wasn't obsessed with video games. And some discoveries were chanced upon when investigating totally unrelated things. For example, the poisonous nature of leaded gas and leaded paint was discovered by a scientist who was trying to calculate the age of the earth.

If we start telling each other what is worth doing, then we run the risk of being stunted by group think. Centuries ago, someone who "wasted" time looking at the stars instead of collecting food was ridiculed. As far as humans knew back then, collecting food was the most important thing, and it was important. However, that stargazer started astronomy. And autonomy has given us amazing insight into how this rock that we call home came to be.

If we start telling each other what is worth doing, then we run the risk of being stunted by group think.

The scientists of the dark ages were ridiculed, imprisoned, tortured and killed. The reason? They thought something different and counter to what seemed good and right. Past atrocities such as The Inquisition and The Crusades should teach us never to impose our will on others, except of course when demonstrable harm is being caused. Especially should we never tell someone that they don't have the right to think a particular way.

Let those interested in luxuries, gossip, celebrities and magazines pursue their interests. Just because it's not our interest doesn't make it worthless. And we shouldn't feel the need to criticise or ridicule. We never know what can come from the diversity of the human race. Our diversity is an asset.

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