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Don't Overtake Me While I'm Talking!.

Most people will agree that driving while using a cellphone is dangerous.  Taking it a step further, driving while doing anything distracting can be dangerous.  However, despite our best efforts, we all do it at some point - either to get directions, or to make a call that we convinced ourselves can't wait.  And let's not mention the Blackberry addicts.  For most of us, we haven't suffered the consequences...yet, and so we continue doing it.

Studies have shown that some people have a knack for multitasking, and can successfully pull off driving while multitasking.  Most people will be quick to decide that they fall into that category.  But truth be told, it's mostly people who have been trained to do this who can pull it off - think law enforcement officials who have a myriad devices to use while driving, military personel who may need to drive and still shoot straight, and taxi drivers who have inhuman driving reflexes.

Some people fall into the "too dangerous to be behind a steering wheel" category, and then they become accidents waiting to happen when you throw a cell phone in the mix.  While running an errand today I ran into one such person, metaphorically speaking.  

The driver in question was ambling along with a clear road in front of him, so I figured that he was about to pull over. In fact, he did pull a bit to the left at one point. Eventually I decided to overtake him so I toot my horn and pulled out, at which point I realized to my annoyance that he was an old geezer on his cell phone.  As I started to level off with him, he began to drift to the right, so I blew my horn and prepared to abort my overtake.  Noticing my attempt to overtake he straightened up his car, and then stuck his hand (and phone) out the window to wave me on in an annoyed manner.  I overtook him and looked back to see him slow down again, almost causing the guy who was now stuck behind him to rear end him.

Forget about banning these people from driving while using a cell phone.  They should not be allowed to own a car and a cell phone!
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