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Digicel vs. LIME - Clash of the Titans.

There should be a law against distributing reading material in traffic. Reading while driving is distracting. And it seems like every week there is a new promotion from LIME or Digicel. Someone should do a study to see if there is a correlation between Digicel and LIME promotions, and traffic accidents. Having said that, I'd like to see more companies hiring hoardes of young people to block traffic.
The level of competition we see in the telecommunications industry does not exist in any other industry locally. The liberalization of the market and entry of Digicel, saw Jamaica catapulted to the vanguard of mobile penetration. The efforts by LIME to regain relevance, gave Jamaica a network as advanced as those existing in fully developed countries. And subsequent efforts to best each other has seen coverage wars, data network upgrades, and price slashing bloodbaths. Such competition keeps both companies from stagnation, and ultimately benefits consumers.
The latest blow by Digicel is a perfect example of this. Digicel has finally launched a mobile data network which will bring high speed connections to your handset. This is an arena in which Digicel has been conspicuously absent, leaving LIME the king of the mobile data hill. LIME's support for a full range of mobile data devices including tablets, coupled with affordable pricing, garnered them a following of road warriors.
A few months ago, LIME reduced their already affordable mobile rates. It is now obvious that this was a preemptive move, in anticipation of Digicel's entry into the space. The result is that Digicel's mobile rates are on par with LIME's offering, giving consumers true freedom of choice.
Aside from the obvious benefits and growth in the telecommunication sector, other businesses have seen windfalls resulting from the heightened state of competition. Three years ago when Claro entered the fracas, media and advertizing companies had their hands full creating increasingly aggressive ad campaigns. Television and radio stations hardly had time to broadcast anything besides back to back advertisements. Promotion companies handed out jobs, and free tee shirts, to students and others who needed part-time employment...and free tee shirts. And even after the exit of Claro, we have seen this trend continue, even intensifying. And the tee shirts are even brighter too!
How much further along in our development would Jamaica be, if we had more companies trying to leapfrog each other, with the same intensity and ingenuity as these two telecommunication giants? Can you think of other industries which would benefit from such competition? Please share your thoughts below.
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