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Claro - Clearly A Failure.

I just had a very irksome conversation with Claro Customer Care. A friend of mine calls me to ask how to top-up her modem to activate her data plan. Well this must be easy, I erroneously thought. Probably just some short codes to type in. Boy was I wrong. Why do I even bother to expect this sorry excuse for a network to get anything right? The only thing they seemed to have gotten right was being acquired!

So the ordeal begins with a call to customer care to ask what the short codes for activation of a data plan were, only to find out that easy was not in the Claro lexicon. I was told that there are two options for activating a data plan on the modem: either place the SIM card into a Claro phone and do the activation, or call Customer Care and provide the voucher and modem numbers for them to do it for you. This is where it gets foolish. My friend doesn't have a Claro phone, so she can neither activate it herself, nor can she call customer care! Did no one at Claro think this through?

For years LIME has been the beating stick for the Jamaican public. Everyone laughed at them when they had a limited launch of their 3G network, after Claro had already covered the island. But guess what, LIME got it right even though the idiots at Claro had a head start. With LIME, topping up your modem is easy. When you purchase credit, it's sent directly to your account. And if you buy a voucher, you can simply use the computer to add the credit to your account. Wow, use the computer to add credit to your account? Amazing! Activating your data plan is just as easy. Again, from the computer (gasp) you send an activation code for your desired plan. It's so simple even a caveman could do it! But not Claro.

LIME has seen a growth in consumer favour in recent times, and their comeback in the mobile space is due in part to their data strategy. Roll that word around on your tongue Claro - S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y. LIME has a package for everyone, from a $100 a day unlimited package, to competitive monthly postpaid plans. They are pushing Blackberries, iPhones and Android devices - phones and tablets. They even have the micro SIM cards needed for some newer devices such as the iPad im typing on. Data for everybody! Few people know that Claro has similar packages, and even micro SIMs. In fact, they had all of this at least a year before LIME. But being as incompetent as they are, they didn't communicate this effectively to staff and customers. Walk into a Claro store and ask for a micro SIM, and they might look at you as if you're a caveman talking gibberish! Oh wait, they don't cater to cavemen.

Claro came to Jamaica with a great network, and an excellent marketing team, but that's where it stopped. Their advanced network was poorly implemented, leading to endless dropped calls - even smack in the middle of the corporate area! Getting the simplest of tasks done takes efforts of epic proportions on the customer's part - like the gymnastics required to keep a call going. Can you hear me now? ** Jump over the sofa and run quickly to the kitchen ** Can you hear me now? ** click ** And so their story ends - they came, they saw, and they were conquered by their own incompetence.
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