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Annoyed With My Fast-food Office.

It's better not to promise, than to promise and fail to deliver. While that statement may sound profound, it was inspired by an experience at my favourite fast-food joint. Let me tell you a story.

My favourite fast food restaurant is Wendy's. I love their food, but what really got me visiting regularly was the combination of good food, WiFi, and a comfortable restaurant environment. It quickly became my favourite spot for working away from the home or the office - my fast-food office. Initially, they had a regular WiFi hotspot, protected by a never changing password. This probably attracted more freeloaders than they cared to accommodate. 

Wendy's replaced that network with a service called Flow Unplugged, from my favourite Internet Service Provider. Hey, what do you know, two of my favourite companies coming together. You'd think it was a match made in heaven. Sadly, this second incarnation of the WiFi service has not worked since it's inception. It frustrates me each time I visit the restaurant, where I used to be a regular. In the past, I've spent entire days there, having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The staff knew me, and would inquire about my whereabouts if I ever missed a week. They'd be surprised on the rare occasion that I ordered my food to go. I even continued to visit after I moved out of the area. That all changed when the WiFi stopped working.

They've promised many times that they would fix the service, and I returned on a few occasions hoping that they kept their promise. Alas, my hopes were dashed each time. Now I'm peeved each time I think of visiting, as it's not quite the same. I have found a new hang out spot: Rituals Coffee House. But their sandwiches aren't as filling. 

I really wish Wendy's and Flow would sort this issue out. I would have been disappointed had they discontinued the service; I would also have gotten over it. However, to dangle a promise of service in front of me is just plain annoying. I hope someone from either company is reading this - especially since I emailed this article to both of them.

Now that I've finished my rant, it's time for the moral of the story: don't get between a hungry guy and a his WiFi.
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