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All Men Are....

In a world where tolerance is word of the day, there is one prejudice which remains rampant and unchecked: negative views toward men. While discrimination cuts both ways, negative stereotypes are predominantly attached to men, and no one seems to be rushing to our defense - not even men ourselves. We seem to be content with being labeled as dogs, unfaithful, violent, and careless with a good man being considered the rare exception. Well I for one have had enough!

I argue that most men are great, and should be viewed as such until proven otherwise! For every man that cheats, I will show you ten that love their women. And I will venture to say that even the unfaithful ones do as well. Love and sex are not inseparable for everyone, including some women. And you can't tell me that women don't cheat! So drop the holier than thou attitude please.

Now I'm not going to sit here and argue that there aren't men out there who are all about sex, and see women primarily as sex objects. There are also men who view women negatively, and are adversarial in their interactions with the opposite sex. Guess what? In many cases a woman is to blame for this. Sometimes it's the very views expressed by women around him which warp a man's view of the opposite sex. All it takes is a woman to be burned by one man, for some impressionable boy to hear that his entire species is flawed. He will either grow up believing what he hears, or subconsciously develop a protection mechanism by hitting out against the offending source of this personal assault. After having his entire gender denigrated, do you think he's going to be any less indiscriminate?

And let's not forget the men who have had their hearts broken. Yes, we have hearts too, and not just the kind that pumps blood. Heartbreak is a human experience not a female one! And just as a woman can be emotionally affected by a bad relationship and subsequent breakup, so can a man. But no one is sympathetic to a man whose heart has been broken. It almost sounds pathetic, unman-like. Don't be surprised if such a man decides to play the field, instead of committing his fragile heart again.

When you assume that all men are the same, you will miss out when a good one passes your way. Your prejudice will blind you, and you will not see that he is different. So quit with the stereotypes. All men are wonderful, amazing human beings in their own right, if you give us a chance to be.
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