About me

It’s hard to put down your personality on paper. It’s probably harder to throw it out there, into the ones and zeros of the ether given life by technology. This brief introduction will at least give you an inkling of who I am.

I tend to intensely focus on a task, goal, or new experience. This intensity manifests itself in my work ethic - I don’t stop until it’s done or until it works. It’s always there when I’m learning something new - I aim for mastery. My intensity also permeates my relationships with others.

A fissile substance is capable of sustaining a chain reaction. Yup, I’m nuclear - my intensity is sometimes explosive and quite contagious.

The left brain in me got me into computing, technology, and fuels my logical, pragmatic side. The awakening of my right brain got me dancing, writing poetry, and exploring music.

I’m often extroverted with a love for discovering what fuels others. However, I also enjoy the solitude of stretching out with a good book, some jazz in the air, and the sound of rain on the roof.

Some of my personality is dichotomous, but then again, personalities aren’t flat. So that’s me - an intense, fissile, split brained ambivert.