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A Culture Of Service.

Some organisations boast about having great customer service, delivered by friendly staff. Perhaps in their staff meetings they always remind staff to give good customer service. Talking about good service doesn't make it happen; thoughtfulness does. And you can't tell someone how to be thoughtful.

Notice that I said you can't tell someone, but you can certainly teach someone. Even better, thoughtfulness can be cultivated within an organisation. Making thoughtfulness a part of organisation culture is a great way to deliver amazing customer service.

Someone at the Wendy's restaurant in Liguanea, figured out just how to build a culture of thoughtful customer service. At a recent lunch visit, having eaten our meals, a friend and I were packing up food which we bought for coworkers. One colleague actually ordered food to dine, but had to leave to attend to a matter. I took her tray to the counter and asked them to pack it to go. While packing the meal, the attendant realised that the fries had gotten cold. Without a word, he went and got a fresh serving of fries, and packed it with the rest of the meal.

Upon return to the table, my friend and I started struggling with the multiple bags, trying to figure out how to carry them all. A staff member appeared and offered us a large carrying bag. We didn't have to ask. Then she went back for a set of cup carriers, having noticed that we had a few drinks to carry as well.

It's easy to chalk up an instance of good service to a particularly helpful employee. However, our experience demonstrates that at Wendy's Liguanea, good service is embedded in their culture. This is a culture more service organisations need to adopt.

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