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50 Something Sentences.

The state of affairs in this country is pallid. We've become a country in which mediocrity is the norm. Pop culture despises intelligence, chivalry, moral fibre, and general decency. This is evident from the entertainment which is widely enjoyed, the state of families, the poor quality of relationships, and the lack of professionalism in businesses and government. But nowhere is this more pronounced than in our every day experiences. Manners have been pilfered by the gods of machismo, and social grace has been sacrificed on the altar of exigency. We will need many moments of silence to commemorate all these grave losses.

However, silence rarely solves anything. And to this end, one resilient young woman has decided to speak out and say "no more!", and "I will not settle, nay I will not compromise!". Alas, this post is not about the death of our rich multiculture; no it's a story of relentlessness. Faced with one dire relationship prospect after another, she did not throw in the proverbial towel. Instead, she set out to share her experiences with the world, with the hope of improving the lot of women and men alike.

Her journey was not an easy one. As if the sad state of affairs in the dating market wasn't torture enough, she had to face gross unprofessionalism, impotent public service agencies and personal hinderances, all while learning to do something as daunting as writing a whole honest to god book. By contrast, this blog post contains significantly less than the intended 50 something sentences. Yet, she has done it, a whole book. Her self-published work hits virtual shelves on Thursday February 14. Impressed yet? You should be!
You may read more about this outstanding young lady on her website, delve into her adventure through her blog, and follow her musings via her Twitter account. If you like what you read, then you should also like her Facebook page and then buy her book on Amazon. 

A warning: approach the book with an open mind. This is the heartfelt experience of another human being. While our experiences differ, and our world views may diverge, resist the temptation to label and discount another's views and experiences. No two persons' perspectives will be identical, because they are the fusion of our unique experiences and our distinctive character.
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